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Well....I've finally done it this time. This seems to be a daily phrase for me. On most occasions, it's because I've encountered a not so pleasant situation of my own doing. Last summer, I decided to save a few bucks by changing the alternator on one of our family vehicles, the Dodge Caravan (somehow, this old, beat up, family wagon became my daily driver when we acquired a new van. Yes, we had two mini-vans sitting in our driveway; don't be jealous). As I went about the process of removal of the then defunct alternator and installation of the new one, I congratulated myself on my new-found skill of automotive mechanics. Just after I convinced myself that I'd be rebuilding engines soon, I found myself uttering this all too familiar phrase. I couldn't get the belt on the new alternator, and now I was going to have to find a real mechanic to finish the job for me.

Today, I'm pleased to announce that this time, I've finally done it. While visiting family in Alabama over the Christmas holidays, I got an email that our church's website had been hacked. Several links had been added, directing our viewers to some rather unpleasant images. About a month after we got that mess cleaned up, it had been hacked again, and our web host then took us offline, rendering the dreaded "Website is temporarily unavailable" a seemingly permanent part of It was at that time that I endeavored to build a new website for Bethany Church (once again starting a process wherein I'd have to learn step by step what to do). This time, I think (hope, really) that I've finally done it and arrived at a destination,

Bethany Primitive Baptist Church once again has an active online presence. But why? The new Bethany website, I pray, will be a way to communicate, teach, and bring into fellowship those in the Primitive Baptist community and those in the local community. Containing sermons, music, and church information, the hope is to communicate the church's message in a way that resembles the letters and messages transmitted via pen and paper or oral discourse in years gone by, all the way back to the early church (1 Thessalonians 2:15, 2 Peter 3:1). For today's generation, a website should serve the same purpose, through a different medium.

By visiting the website, you'll have access to sermon and music audio, fellowship opportunities, church information, and this blog, which I hope will glorify God and edify the reader. Please check in on a weekly basis as I update sermons, add photos, and attempt to share the message of the gospel with you in this blog.

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